This months meeting will be Thursday November 15th at 7pm in Keith Phillip's hangar.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone this Thursday. This month I will make a quick presentation about aircraft safety. A topic which has been on my mind a lot of late. Specifically, I will address some information on canopy breakers and emergency egress in the event of a "non-standard" landing.

After me, this month Sandy Thomson will be here to tell the story of Marsh Brothers Aviation, a family-owned company now in its 4th generation of ownership; started by Sandy's Grandfather in 1911. The company is 107 years old this year! Sandy's company makes bearings and seals for airplanes that evolved from their long experience with making non-metallic products for the marine, hydro-turbine and pump industries. Their objective is to eliminate the need for greasing bearings in landing gear and flap systems.

The company has two retrofit kits designed for Bonanzas and Barons and several more in development. They will be for torque links and flap rollers. Sandy has been an EAA member for many years and while his company aviation products are not specifically intended for the home builder, it is during the building of his personal airplane that many progressive ideas come from.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Matt Simmons President Chapter 288 Chair
Chapter Advisory Council, EAA Lifetime #1037466


Feel free to ask me anything....